Barangay Simminublan is geographically situated in the South-eastern part of the municipality with Consuelo Norte at its East, Dallipawen at its North, and in its West lies the south-eastern part of San Juan. The National Road is leading to the municipality of San Marcelino and it is often referred to as the Shortcut Road.       

In the early days, Barangay Simminublan was just a small barrio with a few families living. The vicinity was grassy and weedy by that time. And so, the folks helped one another in cleaning the farm led by their chosen leader who was the eldest among the group. After having cleaned the land, they met through a “tangguyob” by their “Panglakayen” as they called it.

As years passed by, their Panglakayen was then very old so they thought of choosing one that, they called “Teniente del Barrio”. As their Panglakayen reached the setting of the sun, their field went with him, too. The land was then very dry. Because farming is the main source of income, they planned very well what to plant next, and that was sugar cane. Since then, “Unas” (sugar cane) planting became their main crop. So they made a “dadapilan” or sugar mill. This was the first sugar cane mill ever made in town and was known by neighboring barrios. And so then this dadapilan which they called “sinublan”, a very big bat became popular as the barrio’s name but it was changed later to SIMMINUBLAN which they said was sweeter and more pleasing to the ears and was approved unanimously.

After the Second World War, schools in the municipality were organized. Barangay Simminublan, it started with a primary school, serving Simminublan, Namatacan, Dallipawen, Samat, and Santiago. The Guerilla headquarters at Santiago was used as the schoolhouse. American Red Cross supplied the pupils with clothes, food, school supplies, and other things.

In 1946. Mr. Luis Cava and Mr. Perfecto Dumlao planned to acquire a lot in Simminublan so that the school will be at the center of the catchment areas. Mrs. Valentina Famanilay was so generous, donating a lot. So, the school was transferred to Simminublan.

The following year, Mr. Perfecto Dumlao, then the commanding officer of the guerillas in Simminublan, Dallipawen, Namatacan, Samat, and Santiago, requested a school building from Ramon Magsaysay, who was then the commanding officer of guerillas in Zambales.

Magsaysay gave one American Barracks vacated by American soldiers in San Marcelino. Thru the Bayanihan system, it was demolished and then constructed in Simminublan as the schoolhouse. Since the school was organized, school heads have already served the school and contributed much to school improvements, up until the present.

On the other hand, the great leaders of Simminublan who devotedly exerted a big time and effort for the welfare of the community were: Bo. Lt. Vicente Alegado, Bo. Lt. Raymundo Famanilay, Bo. Lt. Platon Fogata, Bo. Lt. Manrique delos Reyes, Bo. Lt. Federico Famanilay, Brgy. Capt. Alberto Dadural, Brgy. Capt. Juan Apostol, Brgy. Capt. Alfredo A. Dadural, Brgy. Captain Luis Famanilay, and at present Brgy Capt. Avelino Posadas.

Agriculture is the main source of income for the people of Simminublan, but generally speaking, the people are able to build concrete houses and furnish them with modern home appliances. However, progress goes with time and the barangay had produced professionals like nurses, teachers, engineers, PMAers, electricians, computer scientists, secretaries, agriculturists, businessmen, etc.

Simminublan continuously manifest signs of progress. Show windows are the Barangay Hall, Barangay Auditorium, and Simminublan Elementary School. This is credited to the harmonious relationship among the Barangay people and of course the committed services of leaders of the barangay.

The Simminublan Elementary School would like to acknowledge the school heads who have served and still serving:

Mr. Modesto Adamos (after the war)
Mr. Felix Galvez
Mr. Melchor Manangan
Mr. Paulino Villarin
Mr. Esperdion Fontecha
Mr. Luis Cava
Mr. Alejo Farin (1966-1968)
Miss Corazon Fuerte (1969-1971)
Ms. Remedios F. de Dios (1972-1974)
Mr. Mariano Almazan (1975-1977)
Mrs.Cecilia M. Espejo (1978-1985)
Mrs. Precita C. Fogata (1986)
Mrs. Isabel D. Auncion
Mrs. Divina M. Fernandez
Mrs. Fedeline M. Fortin
Ms. Gladiole A. Almazan
Mr. Edwin E. Ventura
Mrs. Emily D. Mayor
Mrs. Norma B. Flores
Mrs. Julita B. Rosagaran
Mrs. Mary Ann C. Espiritu (2018-2019)
Mrs. Marissa M. Orlanda (2019-2022)
Mr. Marc Andrew M. Lavarias (2022-present)

Thanks and gratitude is given to the Lord that Simminulan is really and already a progressive community.

Note: This history of the school was written in draft and has been transformed into a digital copy. The School welcomes constructive feedback to further develop the history of our beloved school.